Sunday, 1 November 2009

What have "white men" ever done for us . . ?!

In response to his (my/our) persistent (self)-demonization in Judeo-Christian theology and ideology, and now, in our more secular times, by the extreme left, liberal-fascists and other moral supremacists claiming the advantage of a spurious moral high ground for themselves and intent on his (my/our) subjugation to and ultimate elimination in the melting pot of the multiethnic state), I thought I'd pose a variation of that famously serious/hilarious question from Monty Python's The Life of Brian: What have the Romans ever done for us . . ?!

My version of the Monty Python question is this:

What have white men ever done for us . . ?!

For starters there was Greek civilization (with enough individual contributions to justify its own dedicated blog)

Then there were the Romans (see The Life of Brian for some of their individual contributions)

To be continued . . .

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