Saturday, 2 January 2010

The state's spurious claim to nationhood and moral authority

Nazism, through the understandable, but extreme overreactions to it and their political/economic consolidation and exploitation, continues to mortally afflict European societies through the agency of "liberal statism" (or "liberal fascism", as Jonah Goldberg provocatively calls it), which bases its highly successful claim to the "moral high ground" and political power on it, thereby ensuring its domination of society, much as the Catholic Church was able to do in the Middle Ages, whose moral high  ground was its interpretation of the word of God.
These extreme overreactions include the total rejection and vilification of taking a Darwinian view of human society (because that is what the Nazis claimed to do) and the ideology of "colourblindness", of indifference to ethnic difference, of "race-doesn't-matter, i,e. is of no social or political significance (e.g. has no bearing on national identity), except to (for) evil "racists", like the Nazis.
Both these extreme overreactions have had profound consequence, firstly, because without taking a human-evolutionary, i.e. Darwinian, view of society (of the power structures of state and economy) we are unable to understand it and solve the massive social, political, economic and environmental problems, which will otherwise, before this new century is out, put an end to our civilisation, and secondly, because ethnicity DOES matter, profoundly, for anyone interested in a deeply rooted sense of personal and group identity and in their life having more meaning than the pursuit and exercise of power (in its various forms), or in having been reduced to a "human resource" and consumer.
Of course, these attitudes are not just an overreaction to the horrors associated with Nazi ideology, which the state has cunningly used to hide its own self-interest in not being exposed to the revealing light of a Darwinian perspective, and to legitimize its spurious claim to nationhood and moral authority over a multiethnic society.

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