Saturday, 13 February 2010

Multi-ethnic Britain exposes the LIE of it being a genuine NATION

Despite the madness of allowing mass immigration into our already, natively and unsustainably, overpopulated country and the creation of a multi-ethnic society, perhaps it was necessary, it recently occurred to me, to expose the lie of nationhood on which the British state is based and from which it derives its claim to legitimacy, loyalty and authority over the British population. When we were all essentially the same race, sharing a common ethnic identity, maintaining the deception of nationhood was relatively easy, but the creation of multi-ethnic Britain has changed that.

Now it is a glaring LIE, with all that stands between it and the truth, being the POWER of the British state, on which we all currently depend.

Just as the Bolsheviks imposed multi-ethnic statehood on the Soviet Union, so too Britain's ruling elites - a coalition, analogous to that of aristocracy and clergy in the Middle Ages, of the political right and left - imposed mass immigration and multi-ethnic society on Britain; the former, in pursuit of largely economic interests (i.e. cheap foreign labour); the latter, in pursuit of political and ideological advantage from the "moral high ground" associated with the ideology of multi-racialism and "colourblindness" (the political irrelevance of race and ethnic origins), which arose in overreaction to the horrors of Nazi racial ideology and to the unjust and inhumane ideologies of Jim Crow and Apartheid, but was then consolidated, opportunistically, for political advantage and control.

The Soviet Union eventually split up, very imperfectly, into its constituent ethnic groups, and so too, I believe, will Britain. Only we need to make a much better job of it that did the Soviet Union; which we can do, by allowing individuals to freely choose the ethnic group, i.e. mini-nation, they wish to belong to. States, being proprietary, define themselves by the territory they OWN and CONTROL, but not genuine nations, which define themselves by the shared identity and mutuality of their members. If we proceed peacefully, cautiously, with humanity and understanding, we can confront the lie of British nationhood and transform Britain into a multi-national state.

One of these ethnic groups (mini-nations) will, of course, be multiethnic (a melting pot), but not all. Many people will want to belong to their own mini-nation. Sikhs, for example, along with many Jews, Muslims, and people from other ethnic minorities, and, of course, many, like myself, from the indigenous, native European population (to which I number European Jews, just in case anyone was wondering).

Importantly, there is no need for us to get into intractable arguments, or fights, about who belongs where, since everyone should be free to decide for themselves (unlike the present situation, where we are all having a multi-ethnic nationality imposed on us, by the state, whether we like it or not). 

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